Tibetan Olympics Song: Our Olympics


  1. Bereaved brothers, sisters
    Celebrate the games.
    First-ever of its kind,
    We are elated to find.
  2. In our kicked out community
    Teeming with energy.
    It's a great platform,
    Which our life can transform.
  3. Come on stretch your body
    With no feeling of animosity!!!
    Come on flex your muscle
    With no thought to tussle!!!
  4. Let us jog, jump, race
    Not only to embrace
    Victory but to share
    Joy, sorrow, love and care.
  5. Let us sow the seed
    For the growth of sporting creed
    In our aspiring community
    To be part of Olympic fraternity.

REPEAT-5 (once)

REPEAT-3 (twice)..............