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Posted: 13-May-2007

Tell you what: apart from yourself, would you know of any people young and fit enough to be a "runner" and carry the Olympic torch for the Tibetan Olympics a few miles on its way from Delhi to Dharamsala next year?

Please check this out:

I used to be a real and remarkably fast "estafette"-runner a long time ago. But as said: that's a long time ago. But oh boy, do I envy those who'll get the chance ánd the honour to be a genuine "runner" towards Dharamsala for the Tibetan Olympics next year!

Btw: the organisation is still looking for a catchy title song too! Could that be your field, perhaps?

Ever since I learned about their plans (October last year) I've felt it's a superbe idea for (exiled) Tibetans to hold their very own Olympic Games in 2008 (in the Dharamsala region). To coïncide with whatever will take place in Beijing (IOC-granted Olympic Games). There was an e-mail today, saying a.o. "Our planning has bear good fruit" and they'll have an official press conference in a couple of days.

Needless to say here, I guess, that I'll try to offer any kind of support to this Tibetan "mouse" that is in such a very sportive and creative way in fact cursing an elephant! The elephant not only being Beijing/China, as far as I'm concerned, but the whole of the IOC-presidency and its s.c. "respected" board members as well! Virtually no day goes by that one or more (online) media don't report about human rights abuses in China, and how they (the Chinese government) don't at all match the demands of the IOC in connection with granting them the right to organize the 2008-Olympic Games! ...

(Along with a good discussion about Olymmpics, China, Dalai Lama, international picture.}

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