Tibetans plan their own 2008 Olympics ahead of Beijing

Exiled Tibetans in Dharamsala would be organising their own Olympics ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to highlight their plight.

The "Tibetan Olympics 2008" scheduled to be held between 15-25 May 2008 in Dharamshala. The Tibetan Olympics torch is to be carried from Delhi to Dharamshala.

Lobsang Wangyal the chief organiser of the Tibetan Olympics, said the event would showcase Tibetans' love for sports.

"Tibetans shouldn't be left out. So, the Tibetan Olympics 2008 is to showcase the Tibetan love and enthusiasm for sports and draw people from all over the world together," said, Wangyal, who has started working to raise fund in tune of 3-4 million rupees for organising the mega event.

Ten disciplines, including swimming, archery, shooting and other track and field events are planned in the Tibetan Olympics.

Tibetan youths said they felt the event would help them to showcase their talents.

"It would be good that the youth living in exile participate in such events. They would think at least we have got this chance," said Passang Dolma, a Tibetan girl.

"One World, One Dream" is the motto for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, scheduled to be held from 8 to 24 August 2008.

Beijing officials have said the Olympics torch will enter Tibet after ascending the southern slope of Mount Everest — known in China by its Tibetan name, Qomalangma — in Nepal.