Any attempt to disrupt the Olympics unacceptable

By He Zhenua

Those who attempt to "kidnap" the Olympic Games may soon get disappointed, as more and more people have come to see what Tibetan elements are up to by capitalizing on the Beijing Olympics and more and more people have voiced their opposition to politicizing the Olympic Games.

Timur Dossymbetov, the secretary general of the National Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said that any attempt to politicize the Olympic Games represents a blaspheme of the humanity. Jose Freches, the cultural advisor to the French president, now on his visit to Beijing, acknowledged that the Olympic Games is a grand event of sports and friendship of the people the world over, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Chicago has not bid on the Games in the past. Recently, about 100 athletes who had converged on Chicago, proposed that the Olympic Games shall unite the people of all nations, and not to take Olympics as a political tool to make use of. Meanwhile, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques one again said "no politics should be in Olympics again", and that "the West must stop hectoring China over human rights."

All these show any attempt to disrupt Olympic Games and to politicize the Beijing Olympics is unacceptable.

The Olympics carry the shared hope and dream of the humanity and is imbued with the true feelings of the entire world for peace and progress. For more than a century, modern Olympic Games have become the platform for nations, ethnicities and people with different beliefs to share civilizations and exchange dialogues.

The Olympic Games to symbolize the common glory and dream of the humanity, nevertheless, have also been turned into an arena for various forces to attain their wild ambitions. So, the Dalai clique has bent every effort to realize its Tibetan independence scheme. "The Beijing Olympics perhaps offered the last chance for Tibetans," the Dalai Lama said. In early 2008, the Dalai clique incited and appealed to the relevant countries to link the "Tibet issue" with the Beijing Olympics when having dealing with China.

Consequently, the "Tibet independence" protestors resorted to violence to grab the Olympic torch off a wheelchair athlete, the disable Olympic torchbearer Jin Jing in Paris… the Olympic flame, with the implied meaning of sacred armistice, enabled fighters of ancient Greece to lay down their arms, whereas the Tibetan independence protestors turn the Olympic holy flame, in which repose the concept for human peace and progress, into the target to release their intense hatred at the instigation of the Dalai clique

All kinds of Farces in the Olympic torch relay make people think why the torch relay to sow and spread peace, civilization and progress has been twisted or turned into a tool to give bent to violence and discontentment and separate China? An activity regarded by the people worldwide to enhance the understanding or dialogue of different civilizations directed into a current to vilify and demonize China?

The Olympic Games poses a grand ceremony of the humanity, and it however will be a shame to the humanity if it is humiliated due to a few people's political attempts. Any attempt to disrupt or politicise the Olympic Games is sure to draw condemnations from the people who uphold or advocate the Olympic spirit.

"Tempest in a tea cup" cannot harm the solemnity of the Olympic holy flame, and cannot represent the main stream popular will on behalf of the world, and still less be detrimental to the yearning and enthusiasm of the world's people for the Beijing Olympics. In Alma-Ata, more than 200,000 urban residents turned out to greet Olympic holy fire; in Saint Petersburg, 700,000 people watched torch relay; in Dar-es-Salaam, locals sang and danced to "cheer for Beijing".

"One World, One Dream." The Beijing Olympic Games gathered a century-old dream of an ancient nation thirst for joining the international big family, which includes domestic harmony and global peace. So this is also the common dream of all peace-loving people worldwide. The attempt of Tibetan independence elements to use the Olympics to achieve Tibetan independence represent not only blasphemes the Olympic spirit, harms hundreds of million of Chinese and challenges all the more the desire of the world peace.

Any attempt to disrupt the Olympics is unacceptable. Before the current of the times, those Tibetan independence elements who indulge in fantasies to use Olympics as a tool to separate China and those who attempt to boycott the Beijing summer Olympics to contain China are sure to get more disappointed.

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