Tibetan Olympics
Tibetan Olympics 2008

About The Tibetan Olympics 2008 — 15 to 25 May 2008

The Tibetan Olympics is an initiative to offer a platform for young Tibetans to celebrate the spirit of the World Olympics being held in Beijing in August. The event was held from 15 to 25 May, in Dharamshala, India, where the Tibetan government-in-exile is based.

There were two championships — Women's and Men's — with each participant taking part in ten different sporting events.

The torch of the Tibetan Olympics went around the world, making one full circle touching five continents.

All press releases and materials are posted in the press section of this site. News stories from media around the world are available in the news section.

The planning of the event started two years back. Please go through all the pages to get the complete picture.

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Tibetan Olympics Team

  • Lobsang Wangyal: Director & Producer
  • Sonam Gyatso: Coordinator (Tibet)
  • Catherine Schuetze: Finances (Australia)
  • Thupten Tenzin: PA to the Director (Tibet)
  • Dr Tenzin Namdul: Compere/Doctor (Tibet)
  • Shihan Hussaini: Archery coach (India)
  • Juhi Negi: Assistant archery coach (India)
  • Tenzin Sherab: Chaperone (Tibet)
  • Sherab Dolma: Chaperone (Canada)
  • Claudio de Macedo: Chaperone (Sweden)
  • Kunchok Nyima: Chaperone (Tibet)
  • Passang Dolma: General assistant (Tibet)
  • Nacera Maouchi: Press Liaison (France)
  • Rinchen Nyima: Runner (Tibet)
  • Lobsang Sonam: Track and field official (Tibet)
  • Lobsang Norbu: Track and field official (Tibet)
  • Kalsang Phuntsok: Track and field official (Tibet)
  • Tsultrim Dorjee: Track and field events coordinator (Tibet)
  • Yasmin Hwaidak: Volunteer coordinator (Egypt)
  • Suzanne Hayano: Photographer (USA)
  • Phil Void: Videographer (USA)
  • Antoinette Clarke: Swimming coach (New Zealand)
  • Dr Ari Sorek: Doctor (Israel)
  • Shimizu: Sales (Japan)
  • Maria Freeman: Sales (Spain)
  • Diego Avalos: Sales (Chile)
  • Constanza Mahaluf: Sales (Chile)
  • Mark Troup: Sales (New Zealand)
  • Lia Priemus: Sales (New Zealand)
  • Tierney Bonini: Sales (UK)
  • Yael Shiri: Sales (Israel)
  • Helen Littlewood: Sales (UK)
  • Martin Saulite: Sales (UK)
  • Bomi Chang: Sales (Korea)
  • Kim Mirim: Sales (Korea)
  • James Walker: Web (Internet)
  • Kim Il Bum: General helper (Korea)
  • Choi Chang Won: General helper (Korea)
  • Ji Woong: General helper (Korea)
  • Dorit Kulka: General helper (Israel)
  • Michiko: General helper (Japan)
  • Kalli Brenner: General helper (Germany)
  • Felix Guyon: General helper (France)
  • Miri Arama: General helper (Israel)
  • Gabi Loibl: General helper (Austria)
  • David Ellerton: General helper (USA)
  • Gil Orr: General helper (Israel)
  • Fadel Zeiden: General helper (USA)
  • Tim Loftus: General helper (USA)
  • Samten: General helper (Tibet)
  • Dekyi: General helper (Tibet)
  • Tsewang: General helper (Tibet)
  • Yeshi: General helper (Tibet)
  • Karma: General helper (Tibet)

The above list is not complete. Sorry if we have missed any one out.

Thank you all! Without the help and support of these dedicated staff and volunteers, the Tibetan Olympics would not have been as successful as it has been.