Tibetan Olympics
Tibetan Olympics 2008

The Event: 23 May 2008

Round 3 – Long-distance running

Women Long-distance running Winner

Women's long distance running champion Dhartso Kyi crossing the finish line at Tsugla Khang temple in Mcleod Ganj.

Men Long-distance running Winner

Kalsang Lobsang crossing the finish line at Tsugla Khang temple in Mcleod Ganj.

Women Long-distance running Winners

Winners of the Women's long distance running pose for a photo. Champion Dhartso Kyi is second from left. Second place Dolkar Tso is on left. Third place Tashi Yangzom is second from right and fourth Dolkar Yangtso is on right.

Men Long-distance running Winners

Men's long distance running champion Kalsang Lobsang is second from right. Second place Dorji Tsering is second from left. Third place Tsering Tashi is on right and fourth Tenzin Choephel is on left.

(Photos by Suzanne Hayano.)

Dhartso Kyi completed the 8 km (approx) run in record-breaking time of 42 minutes and 3 seconds. Dolkar Tso was second and Tashi Yangzom third.

Kalsang Lobsang ran the 10 km (approx) route in the Men's long distance running in the record time of 48 minutes and 21 seconds. Dorji Tsering came second and Tsering Tashi third.

23 May, round 3: Long-distance running

Women's championship
First: Dhartso Kyi - 5
Second: Dolkar Tso - 3
Third: Tashi Yangzom - 2
Fourth: Dolkar Yangtso - 1

Men's championship
First: Kalsang Lobsang - 5
Second: Dorji Tsering - 3
Third: Tsering Tashi - 2
Fourth: Tenzin Choephel - 1