Tibetan Olympics
Tibetan Olympics 2008

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We are receiving very encouraging support — both morally and financially — from all over. However, your contribution will make a huge difference and will help to make Tibetan Olympics a complete success.

The funds from your contribution will be used to pay off debt incurred for the event. The intention is to break even, without having any surplus. If there is a surplus after paying all the costs, it will be used in other projects such as the upcoming Tibet Sun news portal, or other Lobsang Wangyal productions

Our Sponsors So Far:

Other contributors:

  • Ruth Neilson: Seattle
  • Carol Heywood-Babrauskas: Issaquah, Washington State
  • Namgyal Tenzin: New York
  • Nicolas Villain: France
  • Tibetan Community of Maui, Hawaii
  • Funky Town: Sidhpur, Dharamshala


  • Tsering Dolkar (Lobsang's mother): Vermont
  • Namgyal Wangchuk (Lobsang's brother): Vermont
  • Ellie Drew: Arizona
  • Lena Karunamaya: Seattle
  • Aasha Reddy: Chennai
  • Thierry Dodin: London
  • Claire Spencer: Melbourne
  • Karen Collier: Sydney
  • Don Aherne: Ireland/Bolivia
  • Tatiana Robles Aherne: Bolivia/Ireland

Proud owners of Tibetan Olympics souvenir medal:

  • Sankar Balu: CT, USA
  • John Kittridge: Ontario, Canada
  • Florian Gränzer: München, Germany
  • Wendy Fahey: Smiths Lake, Australia
  • Sally Pateman: Toongabbie, Australia
  • Susan Clarke: Ascot, Australia
  • Rex Niswander: New York City