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Tibetan Olympics torch relay opens

— The year 2008 is the time for World Olympics. The Tibetan community in exile are celebrating this time with a symbolic sports event: Tibetan Olympics 2008.

We are happy and proud that the event is commencing with the opening of the torch relay on the Gandhi's 60th death anniversary. We light the torch on this day to pay our homage to Gandhi for his beliefs and guidance in justice, freedom and peace.

We planned to light the torch at Gandhi Samadhi (memorial tomb) but due to refusal of permission by police, it is now being held at the UN Office Delhi. The torch will subsequently embark on an around-the-world tour, visiting five continents before returning to India in May.

The Tibetan Olympics is an initiative to offer a platform for Tibetans to celebrate the spirit of the World Olympics being held in Beijing in August. The event will be held in May in Dharamshala, the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile, in Himachal Pradesh.


Lobsang Wangyal


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